Welcome to Ady's Technologies

Single person (is it still a company?), working in Open Source new era software, embeded electronics etc.

Areas of Work

Time series

  • InfluxDB.Client.Net A C# client object model to help integrate with InfluxDB with CLI languages. Supports both .Net traditional and .Net Core.
  • ExtractTransformInflux This script allows to extract data stored in an Influx time series measurement into a CSV file. There is an option to replace existing tag values with new values.

Log Parsers

  • Influxer A C# console application to parse log files (in delimited file format) and push data to Influx for later visualization. Works with Windows Perfmon logs as well.
  • PowerScripts Collection of PowerShell scripts for log parsing, data analysis and analytics, generates CSV files output, which can be fed to InfluxDB for future visualization.
  • IISLogAnalytics A small console application to parse IIS logs for a period and generate analytics like page view trend, peak hour trend etc. in a Excel spreadsheet.


  • raspy-weather A set of C libraries to gather Temperature and Humidity data from various temperature/humidity sensors.
  • CredentialManager .Net wrapper to store / retrive credentials from Windows Credential Store.